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All your Maintenance in one Complete System

All departments and objects in view

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Snel toegang tot de gegevens van uw bedrijven, afdelingen en producten via het Q3 onderhoudsbeheersysteem.

Master cards with info and condition of the object

In the module objects it is possible to visually display the complete company with the departments and all objects in a tree structure. These objects can be provided with a number, description and each type has its own icon. With one mouse click on an object, the master card appears with the most important information, such as the supplier, telephone numbers of the technical service in case of problems or the parts list of the machine.
The master card shows all important data and required information of an object. Photos can be linked and the history of the object is immediately visible, all necessary documents, drawings, financial data and contracts can be linked. In addition, your own fields are possible with your own names. After all, the condition of the object or department can be displayed with one click.
Grafiek Q3 onderhoudsbeheersysteem

Work on smartphone or tablet

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Real-time insight – Check digital checklists – Initials – Scan items with tablet or smartphone

Q3 can be used on any tablet or smartphone. In addition, this option is user-friendly, clear, fast and flexible at any time and any location. It is possible to take photos while carrying out work or simply consult a library with videos of maintenance instructions.


Verschillende modules in het complete en gebruiksvriendelijke onderhoudsbeheersysteem van Q3 Concept.

Register failures fast and easy

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Failures – Corrective maintenance – Threat immediately – Follow up actions

Register a fault quickly and easily, which is already possible by scanning a barcode on a machine. This is possible at any time and from any location. With one click on a shortcut on the desktop, a malfunction can be reported with a report form via tablet or smartphone. This makes it user-friendly, clear, fast and flexible to set up. Another option is to take photos with the report, or simply consult previous or open reports.

All preventive maintenance central

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Inspections and inspections – Frequencies – Meter readings and operating hours – Competences – Checklists with photos

Thanks to the preventive maintenance module, it is easy to set up a multi-year maintenance plan based on frequency or operating hours. After all, the downtime and maintenance hours required by the various departments to plan effectively and efficiently become transparent.
The Q3 maintenance management system also offers the option of working with checklists. These can be checked off per performed action. In this way you guarantee that the maintenance work is carried out according to a fixed step-by-step plan.

Simple, fast and effective planning

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Dragging tickets – Direct insight into capacity – Targeted employability

The planning is a clear planning board in which cards can be easily dragged and there is direct insight into the capacity of the technicians.
Insight into the capacity and competences of employees. “Fast and effective correct planning” in a weekly, monthly or annual planning.
The reconciled warehouse management provides notifications when the stock is insufficient.
“Every technician has his own planning board”. Thanks to this planning board, unfeasible work becomes visible and can be rescheduled in time.

From notification to gatekeeper and work planner 

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Work order statuses to be set up – Real-time working or booking hours – insight into bottlenecks

Because all activities come in work orders, a work order flow with all possible statuses is created. A request can be received by a gatekeeper who forwards it to the work planner, after which the planner can specify an available planning time and an available executor. There is insight into the statuses of the work orders, so that it is clear where the process freezes. All work orders are visible in a visual planning board. In addition, it is possible to work with competences, so that work can never end up with a contractor without the correct competence or an expired certificate. In addition, you can book hours in real time or simply by entering the hours worked.

Smart dashboards and analyzes

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Cost center analysis – Workload vs capacity – Failures per unit – Planned maintenance – Necessary knowledge levels 

The information needs for making analyzes for the desired adjustment are different for every company. That is why there are possibilities with exports to Excel or CSV.

Call my supplier in a minute

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Contacts – Phone numbers – Leave – Courses

All data and documentation from the staff, suppliers, manufacturers and third parties is recorded and managed in master cards with tabs. Leave registration and indirect hours, such as consultations or courses, are registered. This makes it immediately clear in a visual planning board which technicians are available for maintenance work.

Always the right inventory

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Stamkaart Q3 Concept - Q3 start 2020 met nieuwe ideeën

Multiple warehouses – Minimum stock – Order point – Order size – Warehouse Values

Register all items with minimum stock, order point, supplier. Reserve necessary items for maintenance. Write off consumption, which automatically creates parts lists. Work with Q3 desktop or Q3 mobile. Scanning barcodes on warehouse racks and linking photos, prices and delivery times.

Purchasing & ordering process under control

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Email automatic purchase orders to suppliers – compare prices

The minimum stock creates an order requirement that can easily be passed on to an order per supplier. In addition, insight is obtained into orders placed per month or per year based on numbers and costs.
Purchase order form

Real-time visual insight on the production floor

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Recognizable – Intuitive – Fast – Clear

Unique in the Q3 maintenance management system is the visual representation of the production floor. With this tool, all departments and objects can be displayed on a production floor. By a simple click on an object, a notification can be made, after which the object changes color and there is direct insight into the status of the malfunctions and the maintenance per department or production line.

Beheer van sleutels nog nooit zo eenvoudig

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Effective key management – Traceability

Keys provide access to buildings, facilities, critical environments, equipment, machines and vehicles. In short, keys are one of your most important assets. There is still too much reliance on a written registration of the issue and collection of keys. This method is ineffective, unreliable and makes key tracking practically impossible. Q3’s intelligent key registration secures, manages and controls the use of each key, with only authorized persons having access to the keys. The system provides a complete insight into who took the key when and when it was replaced.
Registreer alle informatie over de sleutels met sleutelregistratie in het Q3 systeem
Registreer alle informatie over de sleutels met sleutelregistratie in het Q3 systeem
Registreer alle informatie over de sleutels met sleutelregistratie in het Q3 systeem

Working safely through the correct work permit

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Compile your own work permit

Work permits are often made in your own Excel or Word documents. The following is often not guaranteed, but it is in Q3!
  • Users are guided through process steps with required phases and approvals;
  • Direct access to the necessary documents, whereby additional information is generated and is immediately transparent;
  • The progress of the work permit can be monitored;
  • A print is available with the signature and approval of the various steps;
  • There is a guarantee when entering the wrong data;
  • The work permit is stored centrally;
  • A learning curve is immediately visible when creating a new work permit;
  • The work permits are accessible to everyone through one portal.
Werkvergunningen eenvoudig in het Q3 onderhoudsbeheersysteem
Werkvergunningen altijd bij de hand in het Q3 onderhoudsbeheersysteem

Informed immediately with SMS notifications

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Sms calamiteit met Q3 Concept - geschikt onderhoudsbeheersysteem

Environmental incidents – Calamities

Meldingen kunnen worden ontvangen per e-mail, maar een melding met dusdanige urgentie kan automatisch worden verstuurd met een SMS bericht. Het voordeel van SMS is de zekerheid van ontvangst van het bericht, gezien SMS geen internetverkeer gebruikt, maar als belverkeer altijd ontvangen wordt. Elke telefoon beschikt hierover, het is daardoor vergelijkbaar met een AMBER Alert.

Food Safety under Control

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Impact of food safety – Control by quality service by email

When reporting or performing work, it is indicated whether this has an impact on food safety. An e-mail is automatically sent, making it possible to see what is happening in production in real time. The e-mail is read on smartphone or tablet and the machine can also be released for production from the smartphone. This completes the circle and the machine can be put back into production. Finally, the history of the work with food safety and all necessary documentation is available.

Practical management of work clothes and PPE

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PPE and tools 

The loan module makes it possible to register the issue of work shoes, safety glasses, company clothing, stairs or even fleet management. In addition, it is clear which devices or aids are available for loan.

Smart management of packaging administration

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Pictures – Correspondence – Quotes 

With Q3 you have a solution for developing and registering the right packaging in one system. Changing raw material prices, the length of your production process and legislation and regulations provide sufficient new orders for good packaging. The registration of this process is easily registered in Q3 with the correct cost price calculations, drawings, photos and correspondence with suppliers. This means that you are not overloaded with data, but only capture targeted information.

Production data and maintenance schedule in one software package

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Connection with machines – Real-time data of the fleet – Production numbers in Q3 – Complete automated maintenance – Counter readings – Operating hours – Reports at KPIs

Analyzes and visualizes data from your machines, installations and assets. You are completely in control. Always, everywhere and on all your devices. The Q3 Production Monitoring System collects real-time machine data for insight into the machinery and the output. The data is transferred from machines to the Q3 maintenance management system. In addition, this data makes it possible to gain graphical insight into the progress of the production output.

Data exchange and power BI

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ODBC connection – SAP data – Exact software – Power BI

Data exchange makes it possible to link data from multiple business processes together in order to store data as optimally as possible. In addition, the results can be displayed in Business Intelligence tools.

Authorize and set up quickly and easily

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Users – User groups – Authorizations and settings – E-mail center

The system is easy to set up according to the structure of each company. There is a clear view of the authorizations and settings. The system offers the possibility to display functions, tabs, fields and information blocks per user group. With the help of the specially developed authorization matrix, any changes in the authorization can be switched on and off quickly and easily. This keeps Q3 compact and clear for every individual user.

Export and import all tables with CSV

It is possible to export and import all tables, this saves considerable time. In this way it is also possible, for example, to export a table, adjust it in Excel and import it back into the system. 

Create and name pull-down menus yourself

The various pull down menus, which can be used in different places in the Q3 maintenance management system, can be displayed and changed according to your own needs.

Useful tools make it even easier

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Checklists – Help Explanation – Email center – Google Maps – Shift rosters – Work permits

The help explanation can be requested at any time from the tools module. It explains how the Q3 maintenance management system works. The e-mail center ensures that automatic notifications are sent to e-mail addresses, for example it is possible to automatically receive a work order list of the outstanding work by e-mail every morning. In addition, this module has user-friendly object templates to prepare all kinds of master cards.
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